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Catholic Charities of Long Island assists the vulnerable in many ways, including housing, nutrition, mental health, maternity and senior services. We also help immigrants and those with developmental disabilities and those in need of addiction treatment. Please enjoy the features of the CCLI website at


Contact Christine Reilly with any questions at 631-897-6309.




Focus on Religious Freedom

From Our Founders: America’s Heritage of Freedom of Religion and Conscience

From the earliest colonists through the adoption of America’s Constitution and later the Bill of Rights, the issue of religious freedom was paramount in the considerations of the citizens and founders of our nation.   

By the time of the American Revolution, America’s leaders reflected the colonist’s belief in the importance of God, the Bible, worship and the acceptance of all faiths. Throughout the revolution, prayer was a constant and vital support. History shows our founders prayed earnestly and saw frequent instances of what they believed to be divine intervention protecting our armies and leaders.  Read more…


Trinity Regional School


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Important DRVC  Information

Information regarding a new deadline to file proofs of claim for victims of sexual abuse who were over 18 or older when the alleged conduct occurred and the forms to use, can be found by clicking on the following link to the Diocese’s bankruptcy website and scrolling down the page: