Marriage FAQs

Marriage FAQs


How can I set a date to get married at St. Elizabeth?

To “set the date” is easy–just have you and your fiancé(e) make an appointment to see a priest or deacon.  After a brief interview, we usually can set the date.  Email!


Do I have to be a parishioner to get married at St. Elizabeth?

Yes.  We reserve our church for the weddings of our parishioners.  If you grew up here and your parents still are registered in our parish, we will be happy to work with you to be married here.  Remember, you can choose to be married in the parish church of the groom or the parish church of the bride.


When should I call and make an appointment for the wedding interview?

Do it right away!  Be careful of setting a date at the reception hall before seeing the priest or deacon at the parish.   We would love to have you married in your parish church and would not want the date to be already taken!


What about getting married in the catering hall or out-of-doors?

Your sacraments have already taken place in the parish church — your baptism, communion and confirmation.  So, too your wedding.  Catholics marry indoors and the sacred space of the church where they exchange their marriage vows.  Also, beware of catering halls that say “we can get a Catholic priest for you.”  The marriage will probably be invalid.


Can I get married at a nuptial mass?

Yes.  Catholics usually get married at a nuptial mass.  As Catholic husband and Catholic wife, receiving the Body and Blood of the Lord is a deep sign of the unity of husband and wife.


What if my fiancé(e) is not a Catholic?

During your wedding interview you will be asked about being open to having children in the future and raising them in the Catholic Church.  This is an important question to talk about with your future spouse who does not share your Catholic faith.  We will be happy to help you with this conversation and can recommend some great resources for you!  Although you will not be able to have a nuptial mass, we will obtain the necessary permission from the bishop and you will be married at a wedding service in church.


What about planning my nuptial mass or wedding service?

You get to choose the music and readings and prayers for your wedding.  It helps to make it  more personal for you.  At the wedding interview you will receive a booklet with all the selections.


Do I need to do Pre-Cana?

Yes. We have a wonderful Pre-Cana ministry here at St. E’s.  These couples will help you prepare for the sacrament of marriage.  We have sessions in the fall and the spring.  You will also be asked to do “FOCCUS” together which is a great way that you will learn about your compatibility on a wide range of issues.


What about everything else?

There are lots of details (music, rehearsal, flowers, etc.) which are explained in the parish wedding booklet that we will give you at your interview.


We are always ready to answer your questions.  Call 271.4455 or email!