Current Calendars

With the safety of our children, volunteer catechists, and parish community in mind, Faith Formation classes will not be taking place in the Parish Center.  All classes will be conducted online and require parent assistance for October, November, December and January 2021.  In January 2021, we will reevaluate the COVID risks to determine if Faith Formation classes can safely be held in the Parish Center.  

However, all students need to be registered before October 2020.

An online Learning Management System will be used along with Our Sunday Visitor’s Alive In Christ series, Encounter Christ in Reconciliation, Encounter Christ in the Eucharist, Faith Fusion, or Gifted With the Spirit.

We originally planned for twice a month classes in our Parish Center. The weeks not in class, students in grades 1-8, would complete work at home in an online learning management system. 30-minute Zoom check-ins are scheduled for each grade (1-8) depending on the day of the week.

IF WE ARE ABLE TO RETURN TO THE PARISH CENTER FOR CLASSES, the classes will follow these posted calendars.  

All online classes begin the first week of October 2020.

EVEN THOUGH WE ARE ALL STARTING ONLINE, when registering, either choose Parish Center based classes or Home Study.  If you choose Home Study classes, you remain in Home Study classes for this entire academic year. Because, at the time of registration, there are still many unknowns about the Covid-19 virus, families that choose Parish Center based classes may have to remain at home, working online, for February, March, and April.