Parish Outreach

If you are experiencing difficulties and don’t know where to turn for help, please contact MaryAnn Giannettino in Parish Outreach at  631-271-4455 – Ext 309 or click below to email Parish Outreach for further assistance.


Food Donations – We Are Always Grateful For Your Generosity

Nonperishable foods may be left in the Gathering Space. Perishable food donations such as produce, meat, eggs, and dairy products are always appreciated, but they must be brought to the Parish Center during normal business hours.  We are currently unable to accept donations of toys, clothing or medical equipment.

Thank you!

                • Bread
                • Canned Potatoes
                • Canned Meat
                • Coffee / Tea
                • Canned Fruit
                • Apple Juice
                • Cooking Oil
                • Pancake Syrup
                • Instant Potatoes
                • Pancake Mix
                • Cookie & Brownie Mixes
                • Cleaning Products
                • Feminine Products
                • Shampoo
                • Paper Towels
                • Napkins
                • Toilet Paper
                • Deodorant
                • Women’s Medium Depends
                • Dish Soap
                • Laundry Deodorant

Gift Cards In Any Denomination Are Always Welcome!